What comes into your mind by the word “Happiness”?

Is it getting what you want after waiting for a long time? or getting something after a long period of looking around? Or just simply get something good and interesting?

Is it finally graduating from your school, or college, or anything else? Or maybe going to continue your study overseas? Or maybe high grades, scores?

Is it having a lot of friends at school, work, college, anywhere? Or spending a day with friends? or simply having them is enough?


I’ve meet a lot of people, and every one of them have their own way to get their own happiness. Happiness can’t be measure, can’t be carry away from anyone, or by anyone.. it’s simply something that you found from a simple things, or better, creating it yourself…

My cousins, maybe found her happiness by spending her vacation with her friends.. her old friends. going out, even for a weeks, from the day to night, not even get bored to meet the same person over and over.. maybe, that’s just how she make her own happiness..

Another person I meet in college, maybe get hers by talking with random people. She likes talking random things, with random people, anywhere.. and it’s just maybe one of her way find her happiness in her work..


There got to be a lot of different ways for different person to get their own happiness..

Don’t be to nail into one form of it, you can’t always find happiness in the form of something, or someone, or someplace..

Maybe it’s just one thing you do..

And you can simply start it by, smiling..  🙂

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